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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  January 17, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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it's the calm before the storm in maryland, there's a winter weather advisory set to go into effect tonight. it's cloudy and quiet and that will change tonight. wjz is tracking two separate systems that could bring ice and snow to the area. we have the updated numbers. >> it's been cloudy all day. that's going to take longer. probably until later this evening until we'll see something. we have presip across virginia and the bulk is down to the south and west. the moisture is moving into a relatively cold air mass. taking a look at the areas around the region. down to the south, where it's
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warmer, we won't see too many issues. across central and northern maryland, we could see frozen precipitation tonight and tomorrow morning. that will cause issues with the drive tomorrow morning now, bernadette is joining us with a look at what to expect. winter weather advisories starts tonight until 10:00. it will continue until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. further south you go, not as many issues out of this one. we're in could -- cold air. we'll have a rainstorm and we'll have snow breaking out during the evening hours. we'll go to the time line and show you, we'll see that throughout the overnight hours. it will be an icing situation. we'll have sleet and freezing rain. we'll have a few hours of icing out of this. as far as accumulation, any time you're talking about ice, anything is a big deal. we'll see about a tenth before
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we'll see it turning to rain. the further northwest you live in the state, the longer the transition will take. we'll keep you updated on this. all right, bernadette and bob, thank you. for the latest, go to today's other big story, a miracle. the arizona congresswoman shot in the head is upgraded from critical to serious condition. karen brown has more from tucson. >> reporter: the team of doctors looking after gabrielle giffords says she continues to make miraculous progress. her husband says that she gave him a back rub and she has smiles. >> what does that say about the progress? >> it impartly cloudy skies she's recognizing him. she's interacting in an old
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familiar way with him. >> reporter: here at the hospital, the memorial is growing. the the doctor's performed several procedures for her. a breathing tube was moved to her neck and they prepared her eye socket. >> they provided adequate nutrition for her. >> reporter: the tube prevents her from speaking. >> k-9 not speak -- she cannot speak, but she can mouth words. >> reporter: she could leave the hospitals for rehab in a matter of weeks and days. the suspect in the shooting, 22-year-old jarred loughner is jailed in a federal lock up in phoenix. fitness death. a man who died applying to be a
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police officer died. >> he died on friday after finishing a run. he was taking the physical agility test and he collapsed after finishing the mile and a half run. two others taking the test tried to save him. he was pronounced dead a short time later at sinai hospital. vic, thank you. an autopsy will tell how he died. the police are investigating a man who was found dead over the weekend. the 29-year-old was pulled from this pond in edgewater. ash woman walking her dog alerted the police when she saw a shoe on the ice and holes in the ice. critical condition, maryland resident, sergeant shriver is treated at a
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hospital. he suffers from alzheimers disease. he helped his wife, the late mrs. shriver create the special olympics. today, america honer in -- honors the legacy of marty luther king jr.. weijia jiang has more. >> reporter: thousands to came out to watch the parade and to come together as a city. >> reporter: it's a day to celebrate and honor. >> we got to keep the dream alive. it's beautiful. >> reporter: it's a day to extend a dream for generations to come. >> it's a great way to have that celebration and recognition, have kids, you know, have them spark the conversation about what dr. martin luther king meant. >> to be able to give back to the children and allow them to
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carry on the legacy. that was his overall legacy. >> it's important for them to find out about black culture. >> reporter: thousands watched the annual parade from the streets of the westside where the strangers became friends and friends became closer. >> we'll all bound together in a web. >> we want to stress, we're a city that strives. >> reporter: it's a city that comes together to remember for ever. >> reporter: of course, it was governor o'malley that began the tradition eleven years ago when he was the mayor of the city. thank you, weijia. how president barack obama spent the holiday, coming up at 4:30. there's important news from the raven's front office today. mark viviano is here with more on the future of harbaugh and
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cam cameron. >> reporter: news came the team won't make major coaching changes. harbaugh will get a contract extension. he has a one year deal left on a four year deal. a new deal will be done soon. and in each of his three seasons, he's guided the ravens to the play offs. he says he'll keep cam cameron to run the offense in 2011. they beat the chiefs before blowing the 14 point lead in the loss to the steelers. >> all right history in our minds. the coach and the players talked today before leaving, we'll have more at 5:00. let's check in on the roads
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with kristy breslin. hi, kai and everyone. we had problems in essex area earlier. we have a gas main break there. that has back river neck closed. the best way to get around that would take south east boulevard. that's causing quite the delay in the area. we have an accident 95 southbound at whitemarsh. that's affecting traffic. it's affecting it in the northbound direction. as far as the beltway goes, from the northside, there's slowing there and westside inner lupe, stop and go there. average speed in that direction, about 45 miles per hour. as far as the city accidents go, edmonson and shawan road and utah place and lauren street. travel times if you're traffic in order, 95 south to 95 north and 16 minutes to get through. let's take a live look. plenty of activity at 95 north
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of whitemarsh where you can see the accident on the northside. this is brought to you by the cochran firm. call for more information. you can also visit them online for more. back to you. kristy breslin, thank you. >> still ahead at 4:00, family feud, a new book makes allocations about ronald reagan's health while in the white house. i'm alex demetrick. giving up a day off to give back. that's coming up as eyewitness news continues. you'll want to hear from consumer reports is saying before you shell out cash on the iphone four. a winter storm is coming our way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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did john edwards use campaign money to keep his affair quiet. one of the aide's says they were in hiding while he ran for president. a war of words. a memoir by one of ronald reagan's son is starting a quarrel. ronald reagan says in his book, "my father at 100" he saw early signs of alzheimers when his father was in office. he died in june of 2004. michael reagan says his half brother is trying to sell books and is an embarrassment to the family. it's the only holiday for a man who's not president.
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today, alex demetrick found people giving back. >> reporter: students had the day off at mary rodman elementary school. volunteers filled the hallway. the big job was painting almost 500 lockers. >> we were hoping to get at least 50 volunteers and we have about 60. people registered quickly. >> reporter: the idea to give back was growing quickly. >> i grew up here, i love coming around the area and being able to help the schools. >> reporter: is it worth giving a day up? >> yes, and 15 service men and women pitched in. >> they told us about the volunteer opportunity and coming out and helping kids. i jumped on it. it's been a blessing and to pass it on, i can't pass it up. >> reporter: with the budget tight, this wouldn't have
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happened without the volunteers. >> the resources is wonderful. paint and all of the materials and the manpower costs money. >> reporter: not today, even though the paint's being poured, something special is being spread. alex demetrick, wjz-13 eyewitness news. allstate is volunteering in more than baltimore, but in projects in all 50 states. the stock market is closed today. there's still financial news to talk about. let's go to new york tonight with alexis christoforous. >> reporter: you'll have to wait longer for the ipad newspaper. they've decided to delay the launch of "the daily" for a few weeks publishers are betting that the ipad and the rivals will help provide new sources of ad revenue. on wall street, friday, better than expected profits for
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several. the dow jones rose 55 points and the nasdaq climbed 20. some americans will be getting their refunds on plastic. low-income taxpayers can get their refunds on prepaid debit cards cards can be used to get cash. the irs is mailing letters this week to qualified tax payers. wikipedia turns 10 years old this weekend. the online encyclopedia has about 400 million users. it's already in the top ten most popular websites in the world. the goal is to reach a billion users starting with india where it plans the first office outside of the u.s.. that's the money watch, for
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more, go to stars were glittering last night. who were this year's top winners. candice gibson has more. >> reporter: "the social network" was one of the biggest winners. the film about the fighting of the early days of facebook captured four awards including best drama. >> we're thrilled to be here. >> reporter: natalie portman took home the trophy for her role in "the black swan." she's now seen as a frontrunner for the oscars and so is colin firth. >> a little known movie, "the kids are all right" won two globes. >> also, on the tv end, "glee"
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won. >> reporter: the hollywood foreign press gave robert deniro an award, but another legend stole the show and closed the evening. >> michael douglas! >> reporter: daying after announcing he had beaten stage four throat cancer. there's got to be an easier way to get a standing ohuation. >> reporter: his battle seemed by many as the ultimate victory. wjz, eyewitness news. >> that is a classy man. >> winners are often seem to be favorites to win the academy awards. >> my goal is to watch them by the time the awards come on, i haven't seen them yet. it's a part of growing up. there are new guidelines as to when children should get their
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tonsils out. what the wikileaks creator did today. >> also, we'll have the forecast coming up. and we're on for for instant updates and weather all of the time, go to ,,,, host: could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? host: is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea?
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look at that, it's a gray day. >> well, if you like gray, bernadette, today's your day. she's wearing gray. well, today, you feel the darker color. you feel up and you're not feeling bright pink. it's a comfort color. >> i was going to wear pink, but i changed my mind. >> you have gray in your tie. we'll show you the first warning doppler radar, we have a new storm moving our way, this storm is going to be a messy one. down across the south, already a few bands making their way into the state. not all of this is making its way in yet. already, it's a mix of snow and rain. we'll show you, as we get into the night, this mess is getting
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underway. we have winter weather advisories in effect until 10:00. it continues until 9:00 tomorrow. we're starting out as a foreclosen storm. this is going to be a rainstorm. there will be a transition that could lead to icing. er here are the bands coming up from the south. the gray skies are elsewhere and the temperatures are below freezing. anything coming down will be frozen, the further south, are above. these temperatures will teeter up above. still, frozen precipitation across the south. that's the broad term, we'll see all different forms. this is eventually going to change over to rain. here are the parts of the storm coming together. really, this one is dictating most of what's going on. a tornado watch is in effect. it's going to cut more so up the coast. it's throwing the moisture on top of the colder air.
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there's no force of colder air like the last few storms. before that happens, it's going to change over to sleet and freezing rain before becoming a plain rain. that's going to happen during theover night hours. light snow breaks out and becoming sleet and freezing rain at midnight and tomorrow morning, plain rain. it will spread out throughout the state. the further south east, the quicker it changes to rain. the cold air is going to hang on and stay as an icy mix. maybe up to a tenth of accumulation of ice. a couple of hours of that and eventually, it will be a rain event. here's that storm from the south, then, the one over the midwest comes into play. it swings through and brings colder air our way. on the waters, the winds are around the east now. they'll turn to the northwest. and we'll show you, what we're looking at is the snow to break
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out after the evening. and after midnight, sleet and freezing rain. a few hours of icing is expected. the amounts aren't going to be huge. any time we're talking ice, you don't need a huge amount. you don't want to mess around with it. a couple of hours could lead to a tenth of an inch and that's enough. >> touch and go morning commute. yeah, tune in tomorrow for that one. well, we have a lot more ahead one eye to -- eyewitness news tonight. at 10:00, it's "hawaii five- o" and stay tuned at 11:00 for eyewitness news. feeling blue? well, it's the saddest day of the year. a legacy of peace, the americans march martin luther
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king memorial day by giving back. and there's wintry weather on the way. the latest on the advisories are coming up. are coming up. we'll be back after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] picking tights isn't always easy. ♪ picking a free detergent is. switch to tide free & gentle in the white and blue bottle. no other free detergent is milder on skin. and unlike the leading free detergent, it removes more residue from dirt, food, and stains. so nothing spoils this tights enthusiast's enthusiasm. tide free & gentle. style is an option. clean is not. also look for tide stain release free.
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hello, thank you for staying with us today. today makes the 25th anniversary of martin luther king jr. day. a per meant -- permanent memorial is going up on the washington, d.c. mall. joel brown has more for wjz-13. >> reporter: president obama urged americans to roll up their sleeves for the holiday. the first family painted at a
4:30 pm
middle school. they're doing volunteer work. >> after a painful week where so many of us were focused on tragedy, it's good for us to remind ourselves of what the country's all about. >> reporter: at dr. king's former church in atlanta, hundreds joined family remembers to remember his 82nd birthday. >> it's time to resurrect my father's idea of love, peace, harmmy -- harmony and strength. >> reporter: speakers looked forward to the permanent memorial. it will be on the nation's mall. >> reporter: it's under construction here, it's within site of the washington monument and not far from the "i have a dream" speech. >> reporter: work is nearing completion on the memorial. the anniversary will be on his
4:31 pm
march on washington. >> it's important for what dr. king stood for and what the country stands more. >> reporter: there will be 14 inscriptions of his quotes and a stone work. this is called the mountain of despair. his image is on the front. >> m.d. add m.d -- maryland's first lady joined mayor stephanie rawlings-blake at our daily bread where they served lunch. this is the largest day of service for the school. students and faculty are volunteering at 134 different -- 14 different locations. tonight, the weather going to change. bernadette woods and bob turk have the forecast. >> well, it felt like snow or
4:32 pm
something all day long. it was certainly cold enough. we have the precipitation from the south and south west. some is in the form of frozen precipitation, the reason is, we'll look at the temperatures around the region. across northern sections of maryland, we're around 26 in elkton and oakland. we're at 30 now. we're around 33 at d.c. and heading down to the southern bay, we're at 35 and 37. we won't see much in the way of the frozen precipitation. we'll see some, but to tell us more, here's bernadette. this cold air isn't as deep as the last rounds. we're not just getting snow, but sleet and freezing rain. it will be an all rainstorm, that's not until tomorrow. we'll have to transition over to the process. this evening, the snow is going to break out. then, it will be changing to
4:33 pm
sleet and freezing rain after midnight. tomorrow, it will be all rain. however, the time's vary where in the state you are. it will happen across the eastern shore and spread over 95 towards the middle part of the state. it will be a process, we'll eventually get to the rain, it will be a few hours of an ice mix before that happens. that could lead up to a tenth of accumulation. we'll keep you updated, coming up. stay with us for more. for a look at the radar and the latest on the delays and closiers, go to the death penalty may be making its way back to maryland. here's the latest. denise, the senate president says he'll push during the session of the state legislation to resume the use of the death penalty. maryland's highest court halted the death penalty.
4:34 pm
the governor unsuccess think lobbied to repeal the penalty. sense then a panel has yet to take action. all right, thank you, kai. o'malley will decide on whether or not to commute the death sentences by a case by case basis. the wikileaks founder has more news. >> reporter: he made a rare public appearance as another whistle blower came forward with more information about banks in switzerland. what i want to do is hand this over to wikileaks. >> reporter: this former swiss banker has secret dedays of the rich and famous who tried to avoid paying taxes.
4:35 pm
i have this [thick accent] >> he says the names are high profile people from the u.s., britain and all over. they promise full revelation, but say it will take time. >> we're, you know, we have quite a few things to deal with at the moment. >> reporter: among them, his own court case, he's fighting extraditition in sweden on sex charges, claims he denies. he hasn't made appearances since his release on bail last month. by night, he's under house arrest at a friend's mans five hours away -- mansion, five hours away. >> reporter: this man's former bank employers accused him of
4:36 pm
launching a personal strength debt -- vendetta. they're going to start naming names soon. the new iphone for verizon has plenty in its favor, but people are warning to hold off on buying i. the phone coming to verizon will be an older smart phone that will be replaced in the summer. verizon announced it would offer the iphone 4 to existing customers february 3rd and new customers a week later. are you feeling blue today? you're not the only one. this is supposed to be the most dressing -- depressing day of the year. >> today is the saddest day of the year. the timing of blue monday is based on factors including the weather, unpaid holiday bills and failed new year's resolutions.
4:37 pm
people age 35 to 44 topped the list of being the most dissatisfied with their work life. they're also unhappy with their physical health. >> it's early to give up on their resolution's yet. >> people under 25 are the happiest and 78 are feeling happy most of the time. in today's health watch, every year, half a million children have their tonsilled removed. now, there are new guidelines about who needs surgery and who doesn't. >> reporter: this 6-year-old is feeling fine now. she's dealt with a lot of pain. >> it felt like my throat had something clogging it. it like hurt. >> she had trouble sleeping.
4:38 pm
she couldn't breathe. being that the tonsils were so large. >> reporter: she had several throat infections and her doctor recommend taking out her tonsils. this is common for children in the u.s.. now, guidelines say it's not necessary. >> most kids with frequent infections of the throat do better ifuate it out. >> reporter: doctors have long disappear grieve -- disagreed if it makes a difference. 1/2 a million children each year get their tonsils out. children with seven infections a year are good candidates for surgery. so are children like this child. >> there are a lot of kids who don't sleep well, they're having trouble in school and they're not performing well. they need careful assessments. >> reporter: she was sick of being sick and missing cool
4:39 pm
now, i'm a little more happy, i go to school and my throat doesn't hurt any more. >> reporter: she hasn't had a throat infection in months. wjz, eyewitness news. the new guidelines say that doctors shouldn't give out too many antibiotics because of resistance. no marc train service because of the holiday. we're not in bad shape. 95 southbound, we have an accident lingering on the shoulder. that's as you make your approach to white marsh. overall, there's the activity at york road, the west side of the inner lupe, stop and go there. no problems on the southbound direction, northbound, minor delay as you make your way to belfast road. some police activity in randallstown. all lanes are block. for the best way to get around
4:40 pm
that, take liberty road. another water main break, that's in parkville. and in baltimore city, that's at park heights avenue. taking a look at the inner lupe, 54 miles per hour average. let's take a live look, you can see the traffic's moving along on 95 north. here's another look at 95 of the beltway. this is brought to you by blue diamond almond. okay, thank you. colorado university student is making a statement about the skyrocketing tuition. one student decided to grab attention by paying his bill in cash. yeah, he paid all $14,000 in singles. he says he walked into the financial office and handed over a 33-pound duffel bag and walked out. they didn't care, they don't
4:41 pm
get cash often. and that's money. straight ahead, it's not just for the rich and famous any more, what everyone needs to know about pre-nups. and attacked by a barracuda on a boat. hear this story. there's a winter weather advisory tonight. the forecast is coming up.
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a vigil is held tonight for a slain new jersey memorial. the memorial is tonight. he was shot behind the wheel of his patrol car while talking to a person. a texas man is in the hospital after a strange accident. the homeless man tried to keep warm in the dumpster when he was dumped in the back of the
4:45 pm
truck. a rescue team was able to get him out. seventeen are dead after a bomb ripped apart a discuss bust in pack -- -- the bomb ripped apart a bus. >> reporter: all 17 and two others were killed in the explosion. the blast detonated the gas cylinder. ten passengers on a second vehicle were also hurt. thank you. islamic ill taints -- militants could be to blame. a drunk driver is to blame for a four car serious pile upthat also included a school bus.
4:46 pm
it triggered a chain reaction. an astronaut who's slated for a shuttle mission may be left behind. he hurt himself over the weekend in a bicycle accident. he's scheduled to go on a space walk next month. attacked by a barracuda while on a boat. it's a true story, they were on a kayak ride last october and a leaping fish stabbed her in the side and punctured a lung. the kayak was stuck in shallow water. >> one of my first thoughts is of my daughter. one of the first things i thought of was, she's getting married june 30th and i have to walk her down the aisle. >> a local tug boat worker reached her within the hour and
4:47 pm
saved the day. you always hear of pre-nups in hollywood, regular people are now also using them. >> reporter: britney spears is glad she had one, it saved her millions. and nicole kidman wouldn't get married without it. it's an agreement to protect her assets. forget thing borrowed and blue, more women want legal protection. >> while what was once a province, it's now something that average people want. >> reporter: she's seeing her business change as people are marying later in life. >> reporter: more and more women are initiateuating the prenut. many are wealthy in their own rite and they want to ensure that property isn't subject to a division in the event of a divorce. >> reporter: this doesn't surprise her at all.
4:48 pm
the owner of the salon here is glad she had the pre-nups after two marriages that didn't work out. you want to make sure when you leave, it's similar to where you started and not worse off. >> reporter: love is grand, divorce is a thousand grand. >> reporter: many women don't want to be making things worse by being burdened. >> it's a great way to basically dissolve the other of a prior bad debt. >> reporter: also, protecting assets for children and grandchildren often from a previous marriage. >> when i'm seeing real estate, 401ks and businesses the most. >> there are do it yourself kits online, but they may not address the laws of the state. a new study finds tobacco
4:49 pm
advertisements to smoke. 277 young people who had never smoked before took up the habit after viewing ads those who saw the ads were more likely to try the cigarettes than those who didn't see the ads. you're likely to see cigarette butts lying around. a group is trying to do something about i. they held the first butt redemption. they collected over 11,000 butts on area streets for recycling. they're made out of recyclable plastic. a case of well aged scotch is on the way home after being recovered there haven it was burr -- recovered from the air tick. it was buried over a century ago. it was carefully thawed in new
4:50 pm
zealand. billionaires are trying to get their hand on it to get the secret recipe. >> wow! that's history. that's delicious scotch, i'm sure. >> well, i'm sure. lucky billionaires. and we have tricky weather coming up. that's coming up ahead. [ male announcer ] rockin out to the big hot pastrami.
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-- we've been laughing at the people down south with their "ice storm" now, we're getting it. well, the air's going to change. you'll get the snow and sleet and eventually, rain and freezing rain. today, it's coming our way, we'll see a big batch of presip coming our way. later on, we'll see it mixed with sleet and freezing rain.
4:54 pm
as long as the temperatures remain freezing and during the morning, it will get above freezing. we'll see rain tomorrow. but, the problem is, northern areas will be colder several hours longer of course than the southern areas. north of the city, it may say freezing rain and sleet later on in the morning. that's if you see the frozen presip north of the city. south of it, about 6:00 to 7:00 a.m.. we're at 30 and the barometer holding steady. 30 here, already above freezing to the south. 32 easton and upper 20s and low to mid-30s. 23 in oakland and 28 in hagerstown. we have east winds bringing in the moisture. that's going to bring in the milder air. that will change the profile of the air above it. that's the calm of the air. as long as it stays below
4:55 pm
freezing into the clouds, you'll see the snow. in there, we'll see the layers of snow. it will melt the snow on the way down. that will become sleet and eventually rain. if the ground surface is freezing, with aol see freezing rain -- we'll see freezing rain. during the morning hours, we'll have -- slick conditions. that's just when we're getting ready to go to work. one system to the west and one down to the south. that's going to combine to the north and north east. this is from the atlantic and the north east. that's passing to the northwest. we'll see the snow showing up down soul. the air is dry. it will take a while to moisten up. we may even get to 40 degrees by the afternoon. later on in the day wednesday, it will be colder once again. and we'll have another system here thursday and friday. that could bring us more snow.
4:56 pm
light snow this evening and becoming sleet and freezing rain. and changing to rain between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m. the bay temperature is 33. the winds eventually gusting off of the northwest. that's as high as 28 and late in the day. look for the mess developing later and 27 and rising overnight to 40 degrees tomorrow with any ice exchanging to rain during the morning hours. it's the morning hours we have to be concerned about for driving and walking as well. thank you, still to come tonight. he wanted to be one of baltimore city's finest, but he died before he had the chance. what lead to the sudden death of a a,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up next, the concerns that snow, rain and ice may be headed this way. beating the odds, an arizona congresswoman shot in the head. tonight why doctors say she could soon be released from the hospital. from dreams to nightmare. an aspiring police officer dies while taking a fitness test, how it could have happened. and weijia jiang in baltimore, we're covering the martin luther king parade, that's next on wjz eyewitness news. >> those stories and more are coming


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